The how, when and who


They say life is a journey!  When we turned 18, we all had our ideas and dreams we wanted to follow.  Set in a certain time frame – study, work, family, promotion. Suddenly you reached an age and you realize – we missed most of our dreams!  We don’t dream anymore– we live to survive. SharLeBel’s journey started 2012 in corporate boardrooms, a rat-race, a cancer trip and the question: is this what I want in life?   This journey that followed was incredible. With experimenting, discovery and adventure we started building SharLeBel. It was and is a journey filled with unexpected miracles, lot of stress, many lessons learned, building memories, tears and laughter and meeting many angels on earth! At the beginning of 2018 we decided to change our vision. Our fresh Shiitake is now only a seasonal product, available between October and January. We decided to rather focus on our unique, healthy and tasty product range which now consists of 8 products. Additional Chilli flavours were recently added to some products and yes another 2 exciting products in birth for next year.

So what is next? Spreading our love for Shiitake Mushrooms!

Somebody once said: The only impossible journey is the one you never begin! All it takes is that first step!

Let’s move onto the branding of our unique package and the many lessons learnt of how “not to do it”. A few reiterations later we produced packaging with an earthy look and feel.  Our brand received numerous  compliments and we were kind of proud and thought we have it right but we were wrong.  It appeared that our mushrooms looked like grapes to some who viewed the examples and back to square one we went.  Today we stand proud in our design and we say, thank you to those of you who persevered with your honest comments.


We are passionate about and love the production of our Shiitake mushrooms. We are constantly working on offering a big variety of products and we might in future add other gourmet mushrooms to our range.  But for now  Shiitake should be your choice.

Refer to our website shop for a wide range of fresh, healthy and tasty Shiitake products ranging from fresh, dried, sweet and sour, pickled, biltong, himalayan Salt mixes (garlic, chilli or pepper flavor)  to name bu

Our promise to you is the assurance of freshness and quality in product supply.

This website is testament to realising a dream and sharing experiences, join us on this journey of life.

Meet the SharLeBel Team

Charlene van Niekerk

Charlene loves new challenges. Give her a problem and she will solve it.

The full mushroom production run is her responsibility and she takes her quality and risk management serious!  Her extensive experience was built through research, reading, testing and overcoming challenges.

We think she dreams about mushrooms!

Elma Bosch

Elma brings in the money!

She is the owner of SharLeBel Stall at Outeniqua Family Market, George. Every Saturday between 08h00 and 14h00.

Visit her for some really ( I mean it!) nice tasting and friendly service!

Lenette van Wyk

Lenette is the creative one.

Definitely creative with admin and finance! New product development is her passion! She will put Shiitake in everything and try new recipes to see what will be the perfect product for our customers. ( Yes , the rest of us must do the tasting!) Lenette is the creative initiator with the branding.

But as she says – it is not what you know, it is who you know!