SharLeBel 2017 – The future!

Year 4 – 2017 – 2017 started off with a bang!  Lida de Beer, Annelise van Niekerk and Sonet de Beer joined our team in January 2017. Lida’s focus  is to expand our business to the Helderberg area in the Western Cape.  Annelise and Sonet will focus on the Gauteng area.

The SharLeBel team tested a few market scenarios in the Cape Peninsula area. This made us realized that there are enormous possibilities in the area.  To start off Lida decided that the Markets would be her focus area for now.  We are thrilled to announce that she will open a SharLeBel farmstall at the ever popular Slow Market, Stellenbosch, from the beginning of March 2017.

Annelise and Sonet are investigating their sales line and we will soon announce the way forward for the Gauteng area.

SharLeBel reviews and streamlines their product range at the beginning of every year to ensure that we have only the best quality products available to the customer. Changes will also be made to some of the packaging lines to have a more professional look. The team is also working on one or two new products.

We are also very excited to start testing a new Shiitake spawn culture in the next week or two. This is a new culture which has been developed and imported from France.  If our tests are successful, this can double our production for 2017! A blog with photos will be made available on our website to follow the process – “From Spawn to Shiitake on your table!”

And by the way … we are still learning and walking by faith!