Welcome to Shiitake World!

SharLeBel Mushrooms is a proud producer of Shiitake Mushrooms on the Garden Route, South Africa.

Is it the taste, the health, the mystery? We don’t know!

All we know is ……


We absolutely love healthy Shiitake Mushrooms!

Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Shiitake Mushrooms

Here are just a few of the benefits of eating Shiitake mushrooms, not including the taste of course.

Fights Cancer

Boosts The Immune System

Prevents Weight Gain

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Combats Infections

Lowers Cholesterol

“The Shiitake Mushroom Salsa is my favorite! It’s so versatile, I find it’s great with just about anything. This works well for me cooked in a meal, or as a quick and delicious snack with crackers, it perfectly compliments nachos just drizzled over the top!”

Elaine, Edenvale

“I absolutely love the Shiitake range of products that you offer. The unique taste of Shiitake cannot be described – only explored. I was intrigued when I first tried the shiitake mushroom biltong and has since also started using your range of stock powder, meat rub, shakers and dried mushrooms. The pickled Shittake on crackers is absolutely divine. I loved the look on my vegetarian friend’s face when he tried the mushroom biltong for the first time. Ever since he became vegetarian he missed his biltong snacks the most. No more. Thank you for the consistent high quality of your products. I am happy to see that you now also offer this in Gauteng through your distributors here! Your passion for your products is clear. Onwards and Upwards with your amazing products.”

Amelia Sequeira


“Ask them for the Shiitake Mushroom Salsa with the hint of chilli… simply delicious.”

Louis, Randburg


Taste the flavour

The rich smoky umami flavour of Shiitake just adds uniqueness to your dishes. It’s chewy structure and full-bodied aromatic taste will take your dishes to the next level.

Shiitake Salsa

Serve on bruschetta as snack, or starter. Add to vegetable or pasta dishes, omelettes or scrambled eggs.

Sweet and Sour Shiitake

Our Sweet and Sour Shiitake has a unique taste. Add it as a side dish to your food-plate to give your guests something different.

Pickled Shiitake in Olive & Seed Oil

Pickled Shiitake is lovely on its own. It can also be put into salad. The seed oil has a lovely flavour of shiitake, rosemary, lemon and hint of chilli and can be used separately.

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